The Public and Private University in Latin America

La Universidad Pública y Privada en Latinoamérica

  • Carlos Rios-Campos
Palabras clave: Public and Private University, Latin America


We are witnesses to the crisis of the university in Latin America and the Caribbean - and worldwide -, not only in terms of management, financing, accreditation and curriculum, but also in terms of its very conception (Segrera, 2016).

The recovery of the public is related to knowing that the impact produced by the aforementioned good sooner or later affects society as a whole, regardless of whether it is managed publicly or in particular (Condor, 2017).

Levy classified private institutions into three: Catholic elite, business elite, and attention to demand (the latter is the product of the saturation of public universities and whose applicants were unable to pay the fees of elite institutions ) (Cuevas, 2017).